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Hanki avaimet!

In English

Welcome to Orange Wood Ranch, welcome to Canada! We are living right next to the Pacific Ocean with mountains and valleys unfolding before our eyes on the horizon. Long days from the early rooster's crow till the gleaming orange sun settling down in the sea, are filled with chores around the eco-friendly farm and - of course - riding the horses. Never has the life been more satisfying than breathing in that fresh air, straightening your cowboy hat and letting your horse run free. Come with us and learn how to feel alive again!

What is a SIM-game stable?

A SIM-game stable exists only on the Internet and in the imagination of its visitors and players. Unlike most of the games on web, these kind of virtual stables resemble more the concept of notebook stables than an actual game you can visually play with the keyboard and mouse. It is partly a RPG working on the forum, partly just an expression of drawings and writings about the imaginary life of its horses and characters. A SIM-game stable is free of charge and does not have any written exact rules on how to play, although every site has its own manners defined by the admin. Basically "playing" happens by telling stories and making drawings within the given framework, also by participating in competitions with your horses, breeding, selling and buying new horses. Being part of the community is usually important to many horse simmers, but not necessary. The Finnish community has its own platform Keskusta for coming together with other players. You are very welcome to join the community there because most of the users are able to communicate with you in English. The international equivalent would be TSC.

About Orange Wood

Orange Wood Ranch is an over ten years old project. I first started developing it in May 2005 with a friend of mine who eventually dropped off due to lack of interest in horses. Although Orange Wood is situated in the imaginary town of Canada, Yukon, it is run by a Finn and therefore the website is written in Finnish. However, players are allowed to write their stories in English, if they choose so. The main focus or "plot" (apart from horses) is on the Center family who runs and owns the ranch. Orange Wood uses drawings but also screenshots from the game The Sims 3 by Electronic Arts.

You can visit our gallery on DeviantArt.

Our horses can be found here.

All-round Riding Centre

Take care of your very own pony or horse from the ranch and participate in riding lessons until you succeed in competitions! Ride in the woods, gallop along the shore or train in the rings. You can focus more in western style riding or master in cross-country, dressage or show jumping. Start from the beginning and climb up to become the greatest stable girl or boy!

Studies at the Academy

Orange Wood received the license for the Equestrian Academy in 2016. Enroll in, choose your career and study to become the best of Riding Teachers, Trainers, Riders or Breeders. You can also master in saddle making, shoeing or in horse yoga Natural Horse Backing.

Wild & Free

At the ranch, you can ride amongst cowboys and cowgirls to see a glimpse of the very majestic canadian mustangs. Ride like the wind and enjoy the view of the settling sun behind the mountains. Come along to watch the rodeos or learn how to lasso.

Eco-friendly Country Farm

We produce our own energy and food from the nutritious well water to the organic corn, apples, vegetables and eggs. Solar panels on the roof and the windmills grant us with eco-friendly power. Sit down for a while and take a sip of our original cow milk with a spoonful of Emily's Honey. Delicious!


This site is hobby-based, free of charge and makes no profit of its content. Most of it belong to © Orange Wood. In case of special credits, see further information by clicking here. Orange Wood is owned and created by Alexiina C.

The Sims 3

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Contact Us

You can email us at or write your message and questions in English here on the forum site by clicking the button "Create Thread".